Moscow Femfest will hold a “Security and Blessing” School for Women in Odnoklassniki

The pandemic has changed the world, but the issues of gender equality are still relevant in it and, being on self-isolation, many women need special support. Until June 5, a series of webinars for women will take place in OK on how to organize life, work and their safety in self -isolation mode.

The School of Security and Well-Being is a series of webinars that women experts will hold for women. On live, doctors, psychologists, lawyers and HR specialists will discuss with users OK aspects of life in self-isolation mode. For example, how to create a comfortable psychological situation for the whole family in conditions of self -isolation, how to build healthy boundaries in the family, how to find resources within yourself.

In the final lesson, experts will discuss how women adapt in new economic reality and confident in it.

The invited speakers of the School of Safety and Blessing were: psychologist and specialist in the injury of Zara Harutyunyan, psychotherapists Svetlana Komissarruk and Marina Travkova, lawyers and heads of specialized protection centers for the violents of Mari Davtyan and Anna Rivina, head of the family law of family law Victoria Dergunov, human rights activistAlena Popova, consultant for the career development of Ksenia Avdey, entrepreneur Olga Nechaeva and others.

“Classmates” regularly conduct educational and social projects that support the ideas of gender


Each live broadcast will last about an hour, during which spectators can ask questions to experts and discuss the topic of a webinar with other participants. After the broadcasts, the organizers will lay out textual and video materials of direct broadcasts. In addition, the full versions of the past webinars of the school will be available in OK.

Webinars will go twice a week in the evenings in the group “Safety and well -being during quarantine”. For example, on April 24, you can see the live broadcast “Regulation of life in a closed space with relatives and friends: the boundaries of the permitted how to find and defend them?”. The full schedule of broadcasts is available in the school group in OK.

“Classmates” regularly conduct educational and social projects that support the ideas of gender equality. So, in November 2019, the Social Network “Odnoklassniki”, the magazine “Home”, the Center “Violence”. No ”and the International UN Infantry Organization held a live broadcast, dedicated to the international action“ 16 days of active actions against violence against women ”. In 2018, OK, together with RTVI, spent a live broadcast, in which the guests discussed the issues of abusive relations and the reaction of society to violence. In 2017, together with the UN-Woman, OK introduced an anonymous regime in the OK Live direct broadcasts, with the help of which the victims of domestic violence could share their history.

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